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'''Roch-Ambroise Auguste Bébian''' (b. August 4, 1789 at Pointe-à-Pitre (also written: Ponte-à-Pitre), Guadeloupe; d. February 24, 1839 Pointe-à-Pitre) was one of the first hearing educators in France to achieve native-level fluency in French Sign Language. He wrote an important book titled "Mimographie," which was published in 1825, which utilized a method of writing signs. From the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe, his father sent him to live in France to obtain a high-school education under the auspices of his godfather, the Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard|Abbé Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard, who was the successor of the Charles-Michel de l'Épée|Abbé de l'Épée as the director of the Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Paris|Institution Nationale des Sourds-Muets de Paris. The Abbé Sicard sent him to live with the Abbé Jauffret. He completed high school at the Lycée Charlemagne in Paris where he was regarded as a brilliant student, after...
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